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Jill very much enjoys creating work for exhibitions. The challenge, the focus, the discoveries and learnings are rewarding and necessary for her creative soul.

Each season in her gallery at Garden Studio 70 Jill presents a new collection of works.  See Special Events Page for details of these exhibitions.

In the gallery you will delight in the creative range of  her hand bound books, leather bags, jewellery and mixed media works on paper...


a new collection of books and bags

by Jill Edwards

...slow stitch as a connecting element...

April, May


lsp 2.jpg
Leather Stitch paper 3.jpg
lsp 5.jpg


Slow stitch is the connecting element across paper and leather. It is both constructive and expressive and a very mindful practice.

As running stitch it blends and fragments the tapestries beneath and creates storylines for very individual bags. And in the age old tradition of coptic binding, stitch,in various forms, is strong, rhythmic and beautifully visible.

Stitch is what makes the book and bag.



Leather Stitch Paper.jpg


cyanotype, indigo shibori, stitch & leather

jewellery, drawing, photography

mixed media

...layered and dipped in blue...

 January, February, March


web in blue 2 landscape.jpg
web in blue 1 landscape.jpg
web in blue 4 landscape.jpg

''In Blue'

Blue is my summer colour

Cool ocean blue

Cyanotype prussian blue

And indigo shibori

Blue beads with wire

Stitch and leather

Tulips amnd hellebore

All dipped in blue

As are the boats of the Moyne

All to celebrate summer


blueprint photographic images                       jewellery

                                         stitch and leather

                     cyanotype                          indigo shibori

                                 botanical contact prints


                                            all in blue






web in blue 3 landscape b.jpg

Leather and Tapestry Bags

From the collection "The Other Side of Stitch"

Jill uses old and new tapestry fabrics, often stitching  on the "wrong" side.

Running stitch is a favourite as it blends and fragments the tapestries beneath  and creates storylines for very individual designs. Each bag is lined with luxurious suede.

Australian leather and wool yarns are her first choice of materials.

See the full  range  currently in stock

at Garden Studio 70. Port Fairy. 

Always new designs in the making.


Each of Jill's brooches is stitched or wired one bead at a time, rhythmically and decisively. Each one evolves in the making and so is always original and definitely a one off. This ensures that the next one she make is a joyful new discovery!!


Found jewellery is reloved and introduced to Jill's treasured collection of beads.

This combination evokes a notion of history and elegance of times past and is set with a contemporary freedom in design.

The fact that shewill only find these beautiful vintage beads and chains once makes each combination and pendant unique.


The art of bookbinding and visual storytelling.

With her lifetime love of books and illustrative storytelling, Jill is now immersing herself into this wonderfully creative mixed media process.

She is exploring the many forms the book can present and always enjoys the visual sequencing of her stories. Drawing, printing, stitching drawing and ecoprinting are some of the techniques she uses.

Jill's artist's books are an important component of  her exhibitions.

They allow in depth telling of stories with room to explore ideas.

Jill also has in her gallery a beautiful selection of  journals

for both gardeners and artists. Or anyone who enjoys writing.




"My Thoughts on Autumn"

"My Thoughts on Autumn"

Autumn is Jill's favourite season.

This hand bound book is a layering of

pressed leaves, asemic text, vintages text,

ink and stitch drawing.

And of course Jill's writings on Autumn.

This book is an invitation to the turning of pages.

It is a gardener's joy.

20 pages of mixed media



"A Place to Rest"

"A Place to Rest"

A visual story of the meeting of elements.

Inspired by "The Price of Two Sparrows"

written by Christy Collins

Jill's response has been a coptic bound book of 21 images

altered photographs, prints, drawings

Habitat images are of Griffiths Island, Port Fairy





"Storylines to Belonging"

"Storylines to Belonging"

Inspired by "The Yield"

written by Tara June Winch

Jill's response has been a coptic bound book 


altered photographs, prints, drawings, stitch

 Images of country are of Hattah National Park

Biblio Art Prize 2020

Blarney Books & Art , Port Fairy

Winner of the Women's Award



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