"Indigo and Rust"

This series is about my intrigue with the random and the controlled, their interactions, and my response to them in a creative process.

Shibori is a controlled preparation of a resist dyeing method. Very precise pleating, folding or stitching of paper is executed prior to the immersion into an indigo vat.

The random is the result of  this immersion. The action of the dye is hidden from view and a sense of mystery , of expectation prevails. I have used this very old method to  dye reclaimed dressmakers' patterns, strategically composed and overlaid with Kozo paper and stitch lines.

Then there is the random finding of old jewellery which, with its particular ambience, gives a richness and subtlety to the designing of new pendants. Each bead is precisely chosen and placed to blend into its new collection.

"Memory Keepers"  are miniature hand made books, Coptic bound with Shibori paper inserts. Again the random meets the controlled with Shibori dyeing and Coptic binding. The books are nestled in handmade  boxes of Kozo paper.



"The Lost Garden" & "Forsaken Merman"

Vintage Books as the inspiration: 

mythical, ancestral, poetic and dreamlike in interpretation