Jill very much enjoys creating work for exhibitions. The challenge, the focus, the pushing of bounderies are rewarding and necessary for the creative soul.

All of the works in this Gallery  have been part of an exhibition.

"Storylines to Belonging"

Inspired by "The Yield"

written by Tara June Winch

Jill's response has been a coptic bound book of 25 images of country

photographic, ecodyed, drawn, stitched

Biblio Art Prize 2020

Blarney Books & Art , Port Fairy

This work was awarded The Women's Prize


Shortlisted for the Major Prize




"Indigo and Rust"

This series is about my intrigue with the random and the controlled, their interactions, and my response to them in a creative process.

2019 Exhibition: Imperfect.

Whale Bone Gallery, Port Fairy..



"Where the Wild Waves Play"

Inspired by the narrative "Shipwrecks and Tales of the Sea"

Layers of Shipwreck Coast photographs, vintage text and images, stitch & print. 

Framed $650

Biblio Art Prize 2018

Blarney Books & Art. Port Fairy



"The Lost Garden" & "Forsaken Merman

Vintage Books as the inspiration: 

mythical, ancestral, poetic and dreamlike in interpretation

Biblio Art Prize 2014, 2015

Blarney Books & Art , Port Fairy