Jill Edwards 

Maker and designer.

Stitching, beading, working with colour and collecting of beautiful things were taught to Jill by her mother whose ideal was to make well.

Books were her most treasured of gifts and her library card her most magical possession.

And then off to Art School to learn more and a life of creating was forged.

Stained glass was her medium for over twenty years.

Now it is  time to learn more: The Collecting of Skills and Found Objects is now "what I do."

Her skills have diversified to allow her to work with and combine photographs, beads, leather, paper, vintage books and more.

Her greatest skill being the ability to recognize the potential of the found object and add it to her growing collection of treasures.

Jill is a founding member of Whale Bone Gallery in Port Fairy, Victoria, Australia. Her work is on display and able to be purchased in this iconic seaside gallery.