Jill Edwards 

Maker and designer.

Stitching, beading, working with colour and collecting of beautiful and usable things were taught to Jill by her mother whose ideal was to make well.  And in her mother's garden she learnt to tend and create with plants.

Books were her most treasured of gifts and her library card her most magical possession.

And then off to Art School to learn more and a life of creating was forged.

Now Jill loves to tell a visual story through her artist books, mixed media woks on paper, leather bags and jewellery.

She has completed series and works for many exhibitions. This is a process Jill really enjoys, the development of an artistic idea into tangible body of works.

The garden which she designed is a major source of inspiration. It is the home of her gallery and studio and provides a happy and restful place to live and create.